Notes from a Wisconsin roadtrip, Week Two

Go Pack(ers) Go!

One of the goals of this research trip was to visit the legendary Champion's Pub in northeastern Milwaukee. Thanks for the tip, Sarah and Rich! Photo by Mark Baker.
This Google capture shows my route. I began in Milwaukee and made my way up to Green Bay. I then went out to the Door County peninsula. I then retraced my steps for the long haul to the Apostle Islands. I'm now sitting in chilly Duluth.
Another prime objective was to expose an urban myth that people in Wisconsin actually drink their Old Fashioneds with brandy. Turns out, they do! Photo by Mark Baker.
My visit to Milwaukee happened to coincide with a springtime blizzard. And a lot of rain and a lot of sun. I've seen it all. Photo by Mark Baker.

So far, the trip is going well, with only a couple of minor hiccups. One involves T-Mobile, who distressingly won’t stop charging my debit card for a short-term SIM card I bought to use data on my Czech cell phone (this may warrant a separate post once I figure out what’s happening). Another hiccup is the weather, which alternates by the hour between sun, rain and snow. (Ah, spring!) On the plus side, the people have been super friendly and every place along the way, so far, has been somewhere I’d actually want to return to on my own vacation. And yeah, I got to see Green Bay too.

Like last week, I’m on the road and don’t have tons of time to write. I’ll keep the text part of the post brief and use the photo captions to describe the sights. I start off in Wisconsin’s biggest city, Milwaukee, and then move on to Green Bay (home of the Packers), Door County, and the lovely Apostle Islands in the far north.

I still see echoes of Edward Hopper -- or maybe even Henry Miller's 'Air-Conditioned Nightmare' everywhere I travel. This is Milwaukee's rough and tumble Fifth Ward. Slowly hipsterizing its way to respectability. Photo by Mark Baker.
On a ramble through Milwaukee. This gate connects the rougher but more interesting Fifth Ward with the trendy and more prosperous Third Ward. Photo by Mark Baker.
A big shout-out to the Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee. It's one of those Roaring '20s, jazz-age places that's still going strong. This was my room. Photo by Mark Baker.
A friend in Milwaukee, Rich, invited me to tour the landmark Pabst Theater. It's an amazing space to catch a band. On tour day, the theater was hosting a 'Little Miss Sunshine'-style dance contest for kids. Photo by Mark Baker.
Another unexpected benefit to drinking in Milwaukee. If you order a Bloody Mary in a bar or restaurant, it may very well come with a beer chaser (and a slice of cheese and salami on the swizzle!) I kid you not. Photo by Mark Baker.
The eye-catching entryway to the Milwaukee Art Museum on the water downtown. A touch of the Sydney Opera House on Lake Michigan. Photo by Mark Baker.
The Milwaukee skyline as seen from the lakeshore park on Lake Michigan. Photo by Mark Baker.
One of the pleasures of touring Wisconsin towns is the un-ironic throwback feel to places like this, the lobby of the Union Hotel in De Pere, near Green Bay. Photo by Mark Baker.
The town of Bayfield is stuffed with these beautiful old Victorians, many on hilltops overlooking the lake. This is the imposing mansion that houses the Rittenhouse Inn. Photo by Mark Baker.
The breakfast room of the Rittenhouse Inn, in Bayfield. Photo by Mark Baker.
One of the dining rooms of the Union Hotel in De Pere. Blink and it could be 1960, or 1940. Photo by Mark Baker.
Even the models apparently wear cheese on their heads up here. Seen in the window of a burger joint in Milwaukee's Fifth Ward. Photo by Mark Baker.
What could be more American than Orange Crush and the red, white and blue? This is Fish Creek, one of several classic Americana towns along the road up through Door Country. Photo by Mark Baker.
I post way too many photos of my breakfasts, especially since I usually order the same scrambled, hash browns and bacon. This was a pretty decent effort at the tiny diner attached to the Bay Motel in Green Bay. Photo by Mark Baker.
A shot of one of the harbors in Bayfield, a pretty resort town in northern Wisconsin and filled with Victorians, antique shops, restaurants and boats. Photo by Mark Baker.
A skill you quickly learn while touring the Upper Midwest is how to work the motel-room coffee machine. I've seen every style imaginable, but I still have no idea why Keurig was ever invented and what purpose it serves. Photo by Mark Baker.
The highlight of touring Lambeau Field in Green Bay was actually standing on (well, very near) the playing field. It brings out the kid in you. Photo by Mark Baker.
To be honest, I had no intention of swimming anyway. I didn't know that electro-shock drowning was actually a thing, but apparently they even have an association for it. Bizarre. Photo by Mark Baker.
I so wish we could get good pickles in Prague. Lord knows they've got the cucumbers, they just prefer sweet to sour pickles. These are the real deal, at Lautenbach's, outside of Fish Creek in Door County. Photo by Mark Baker.
Just another pretty house in just another pretty town. This is a street shot from Bayfield, in the north of the state across from the Apostle Islands. Photo by Mark Baker.
Monster turkey-club sandwich, the 'Turkenstein,' at the Comet cafe in Milwaukee. Photo by Mark Baker.
Bucket-list item checked off! Lambeau Field, Green Bay. Photo by Mark Baker.
Pink flamingos in the parking lot of Maggie's restaurant in Bayfield. Photo by Mark Baker.
An empty Lambeau Field in Green Bay as seen from the luxury boxes around the top of the stadium. Photo by Mark Baker.
A typical building in Milwaukee's Fifth Ward. It's a really likable city, with a unselfconscious retro vibe that's refreshing. Photo by Mark Baker.
Part of the tour of Lambeau Field in Green Bay was running out through the tunnel, just as the players do on Sunday afternoon. Photo by Mark Baker.
Downtown De Pere, Wisconsin. As I walk through these old downtowns, I'm amazed by a couple of things: how well-maintained and photogenic they are; and also how empty. Photo by Mark Baker.
Iconic statue of the legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, outside of Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Photo by Mark Baker.
Another breakfast. This one at the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek, Door County, may very well turn out to be the best of the trip. Crispy hash browns, jam, gluten-free toast and hot sauce. They've won awards here for their breakfasts. Photo by Mark Baker.
You can't miss the bright pink facade and all the pink flamingoes of 'Maggie's' restaurant in the town of Bayfield, the main port for exploring the Apostle Islands. Photo by Mark Baker.


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